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Mystery of numbers 13, 33 and 666

"- And on his tombstone, Emile began, with a sardonic laugh, "the stonemason will carve, `Passer-by, accord a tear, in memory of one that's there'. Oh, he continued, I would cheerfully pay a hundred sous to any mathematician who would prove the existence of hell to me by an algebraic equation... Alas! Emile said, with burlesque melancholy, I don't know where to set my feet between the unbeliever's geometry and the papal Pater Noster..."

... Honoré de Balzac wrote in The Wild Ass' Skin. The work you are about to read is the third part, the stepping stone from a trilogy[1], written under the fatherly eye of Heaven. This is not the work of an eccentric; just the work of a man who, bound and determined to understand, has appealed for every resource to his disposal, including the spirit of research developed in his doctoral thesis in pure mathematics where the question of the flow of Time, one of the central elements of this quest, had already been tackled[2][3].
As for this work: absolutely no complex mathematics! Only historical facts regarded through the dates of our History. Far from being dull, these dates bring out of the flow of Time, a huge time-based arithmetical network, which is unexpected, concrete, complex, branched and supernatural, revealing two antagonistic intelligences who are non-human.

This third part, as a stepping stone to the first two parts written in 2014 for one and in 2017 for the other, was proposed to me by Christ who here gives us the grace of his revelations and deciphering, notably through an hitherto unseen interpretation of the Revelation according to Saint John.
To what end? Not so much to overwhelm or accuse humans as to help them discern the Forces of divisions and confusions which have been appalling women and men on earth, and to help them recognize that Christ, who came with a sword [4], alone can, by his Love and Mercy, separate us from these Forces that have been permeating every living being.

So, reader, after reading this work I think that you will know where to set your feet between the unbeliever's geometry and this time-based arithmetical network which was supernaturally woven by Heaven, and tell me, with a knowing smile, whether or not the author of The Wild Ass' Skin owes me a hundred sous.

[1] For the first two parts, consult
[2] An algebraic framework of weighted directed graphs, published in Int. J. Math. Math. Sci. (2003)58:3657-3678
[3] L-Algebras, Triplicial-Algebras, within an Equivalence of Categories Motivated by Graphs ; published in Comm. in Algebra, Vol. 39(8), 2011
[4] Matthew 10-34: "Do not assume that I have come to bring peace to the earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword."

English translation offered to the Most Holy Trinity and dedicated to St Georges, St David, St Andrew, St Patrick and St Joan of Arc on 21/05/2020.
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